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Bean & Goose | 500g Sharing Slab - Frosty Walks (Milk Chocolate)


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Based in County Wexford, Bean and Goose are one of Ireland's finest independent chocolatiers. Founded by sisters, Karen and Natalie Keane, they began making chocolate using the traditional method of hand-tempering on a marble slabs. 

All products are made using sustainably sourced single-origin Ecuadorian chocolate. Inspired by the flavours, landscape, designers and makers of Ireland. 

Cosy up on the couch and have the tea at hand, the Bean & Goose sharing slabs are back in Scout! This delightful 500g solid bar of milk chocolate is full of intense cocoa body and fruity flavours. The taste is very well-rounded with plenty of creaminess and pairs perfectly with autumnal nuts roasted in our winter spice mix to celebrate the flavours of Christmas. Each slab is covered with a generous blanket of spice nuts, cranberries and candied orange peel.

500g Solid Bark (255mm * 155mm * 10mm)

Each sharing slab ordered online will arrive in our Eco-friendly, craft brown gift box.

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