Kathryn Davey | Extra Large Linen Scarf - Deep Indigo


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Based in Dublin, Kathryn Davey began designing and working with organic materials and natural dyes whilst living in Northern California. Inspired by creating beautiful accessories and luxurious pieces to be used in the home through a sustainable process, Davey's designs are coveted across Ireland and internationally. 


This scarf has been woven into a loose weave linen & dyed using natural Indigo powder. Indigo dye comes from the fermented leaves of the Indigofera plant & has been used for thousands of years to dye fabric blue. 

 **Please note that as these scarves are individually dyed there may be   slight variances in the overall tone of the scarf. 

This product was made in Dublin, Ireland.

Measurement: Approx. 90" Long x 21" wide
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold with like colours | tumble or line dry