Electronic Sheep - FH9 A Artist Party Blanket Scarf - Black/White/Multi

€95.00 €168.00

Electronic Sheep's AW16 collection celebrates the hundredth anniversary of a significant year in international modernism. Inspired by Gertrude Stein's seminal account of bohemian life in  early twentieth-century Paris, the duo's signature graphic style explores moments in the historical landscape, from the political (the easter Rising in Ireland; the birth of DaDa in Zurich) to the cultural (the launch of British Vogue, the publication of James Joyce's first novel). This collection is peopled with an eclectic gallery of artists, designers and their friends who have helped shape the Electronic Sheep aesthetic, from Picasso (eating a plate of spaghetti) to Boy Capel(the handsome boyfriend of Coco Chanel).