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Harry's Nut Butter - Four Varieties


Enhance your meals with Dublin's favourite nut butters. Produced in city, Harry's Nut Butter quickly became a cult condiment. 

With four mouthwatering varieties to choose from - sweet and savoury -  you'll never want your cupboards to be without them. Here's a run down on these delicious flavour enhancers. 


The Original

It’s slightly sweet, kind of salty, a little bit spicy and
incredible on toast. Drizzle it over your roast veg, slather it on a cheese toastie, blitz it into a soup or simmer it into a sauce.


Coco Buzz 

This one hits you with sweet hazelnut, coconut and slightly bitter & crunchy cacao nibs with coffee hanging out in the mix. Spread it on a slice of thick crunchy toast, maybe lob it on your ice cream or add it to your brownie mix, tszuj up your morning porridge or eat it off your fingers.


Extra Hot 

The same sweet, salty and smokey nut butt you know and love but with added HEAT. Use this one as a shortcut to the perfect korma or watch it bubbling out the side of a kimchi toastie, maybe lob it in a stir fry or dip crunchy raw veg in it, just slather it on a digestive or generously heap it on hot buttered toast.


Pure Peanut 

You might know Harry’s Nut Butter from our spicy, salty, and sweet renditions but it all starts with Pure Peanut. A smooth, freshly milled peanut butter made by us with a workhorse of a machine we bought on Alibaba. It’s just peanuts, sea salt and a teeny tiny touch of agave. It’s perfect drizzled over your porridge, go on and mix it up in your home baking or a classic satay.

**Each jar (sold separately) contains 330g and contains nuts.