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Dermo Sauvina | Hand cream | 40ml Tube


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A hand cream with extracts of natural vegetable oils which provide intense moisturizing and nourishment for your hard working hands. With a light texture it is easily absorbed into your skin. 



Cruelty free

Made in Spain. 

40ml tube


Produced in Castellon, Spain in 1880, Dermo-Suavina was developed by local pharmacist Vicente Calduch Solsona, who created a lip balm to treat dry and cracked lips of local orange pickers. As word of this miracle ointment quickly spread, the demand for Dermo-Suavina escalated across the whole country. While their packaging may have changed over the decades, the naturally derived ingredients and family heritage behind Dermo-Suavina has not. True to its homegrown nature, the brand is still produced in Castellon, Eastern Spain, by Calduch Laboratorios, which is ran by the same family five generations later, and fifth-generation pharmacists, next door to the family pharmacy office.

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