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Wild Things | Illustrated book


Delighted to welcome this beautiful book by Hannah Gallagher & Laura Buchanan to Scouts shelves.

Wild Things tells the stories of twelve wild plants that live in our Irish hedgerows and localities, each revealing important lessons about nature and all the living beings with whom we share our incredible planet. From the cheery dandelion to the magical ribwort plantain, the descriptions tell of the versatility, generosity, ingenuity, and support that these little plants show as they play a role in the habitats and ecosystems they are a part of. With the account of each wild thing comes a healthy recipe or fun creative activity to share with your friends, your family, and the little ones in your life. Grab your raincoats, a rucksack packed with curiosity, and this book, and start the adventure in your backyard, bringing the learning with you back home. Feel the friendship of nature and understand what we can do to take care of it, as it so selflessly takes care of us.   


Soft back | A5 Size | 100 pages | Published by Gallagher Buchanan © 2023 | Fully illustrated in colour | Printed on recycled paper